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As a parent or concerned citizen, you need to know that prevention is the key to protecting your children and young adults from the destructive influence of gangs. In fact, all of us have a stake in preventing young people from becoming involved with gangs.

The best way to arm yourself and your children is through education and awareness. Understanding how gangs operate helps to prepare you to keep your family safe from their influence. Because gangs have many ways of promoting themselves and recruiting members, including the use of graffiti, symbols, tattoos and clothing, understanding gang culture helps you to recognize the warning signs of gang activity in our communities and work to prevent their growth.

Here are a number of documents and links that will help you learn more. Remember, the more you know about gangs and their culture, the better prepared you will be to combat this destructive force.

Gangs 101: Understanding the Culture of Youth Violence (PDF)

Gang Graffiti and Methods of Communication (Link)

The U.S. Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Comprehensive Gang Model (PDF)

Mobilizing Communities to Address Gang Problems (Word)

Consejos Utiles Para Los Padres (Powerpoint)

Gang Injunctions: What they are and how to obtain one (PDF)

Gang Prevention Tools: Probation/Parole Conditions  (PDF)

Initiation Methods: Methods of Being Jumped-In (Word)

God’s X Gangsters – Ex gang members reaching out to the community and creating leaders to go back into gang neighborhoods using dance, rap, drama and technology.

Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center A Federal resource for communities working to prevent violence committed by and against young people. The mission of the NYVPRC is to provide key leaders in the communities – local government and leaders and community leaders – with dynamic resource e to help support their efforts to plan, develop, implement and evaluate effective youth violence prevention efforts.

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