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Concerned Parents
Dear Parents,

Thank you for your concerns about keeping your children safe from gangs. Many gang members join because they want the acceptance and love of a “family.” While research shows the early adolescent years (12-14 years of age) are prime for gang recruitment, many elementary children are also being exposed to gang influences. As a parent, you play a crucial role in keeping your children out of gangs by recognizing and preventing the signs of gang involvement. By fostering close relationships with your children, monitoring their activities and associations, and using positive discipline strategies, you can protect your family from gangs.

This website will assist you in protecting your family from gangs by providing essential information on gangs and gang activities in our area, prevention and intervention strategies and resources to help you. Also, here is the link to the PDF I believe would be the heart of the Concerned Parents page:

Parents Guide to Gangs  (PDF)

A Parents Quick Reference Card – Recognizing and Preventing Gang Involvement (PDF)

Tarjeta De Informacion Rapida Para Padres: Como Identificar Participacion En Las Pandillas (PDF)
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