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Latin Kings
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The Latin Kings is a Chicago and New York based street gang with cliques located throughout the United States. Formed in the 1940s by Puerto Rican immigrants, the gang is built around the concept of Hispanic pride.

The Latin Kings are well known for their involvement in violent crimes, murder and the distribution of drugs. Currently their primary source of income is from the street level distribution of cocaine, heroin, and marijuana.

Members consider themselves to be a community-based organization. Some King chapters even have formed their own religion called Kingdism. They are known to use church after school programs to recruit new members. During meetings, members may recite the Latin King pledge, prayer and continually pledge to be prepared to rise to the call for their King or Inca. These meetings are often used by members to plan retaliation against other gangs.
The Latin Kings use a number of tattoos, graffiti and other markers to identify themselves. The most common symbols use the colors black and gold, the initials LK, a lion and a five point crown. The five pointed crown represent, love, respect, sacrifice, honor and obedience. Other markers include black and gold beaded necklaces and rosaries.
Latin Kings members are of a number of Hispanic and Latino backgrounds. Gang members are most often of Puerto Rican and Mexican-American background.

Gang membership is estimated to be tens of thousands and has a presence both on the street and in prison. The age of its members vary greatly, from young school aged children to individuals in their 40s and 50s.
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